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Karak Educators School & College was established in April, 2010 with an aim of providing quality education to hear impaired children in District Karak. Initially only Secondary and Higher Secondary classes were launched and now Higher Secondary classes will pass their higher secondary school exam. Currently there are 400 students enrolled and are getting quality education. Fifteen qualified staff members are engaged to provide quality ed...
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KARAK SAR, KARAK CITY, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KARAK, Pakistan
Contacts:  +923452020659, +923348680434

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Education For All

Mashad Gul

Education is the systematic process of instruction for the development of character or mental power as well as a tool for the development of a nation. The primary and middle stage of education is of prime importance for the edifice of career. Soundness and tidiness of these stages enable a child to raise standard of his personality. Unfortunately the importance of these stages is ignored to a large extent in our country. As Our Institute incirles Middle, High and Higher Secondary level education. We impart knowledge and want to improve our literacy rate which is possible only if we fulfill our duties. It is possible if we admit our children in school and college. So we offer you an oppertunity for the admission of your children with us. Karak Educators School & College is one of the reputed school and college. It provides quality education and good facilities to the students. Our Teaching Staff is excellent.

The aim of KESC is to provide such a skill and education to the students that contributes in the development of their personalities as well as in the progress of our country, Pakistan. No other institution provides such facilities as we provide. Our aim is to educate the students in such a way that will be fruitful for the society. I think it is our foremost duty to educate the children and make their lives prosperous and positive for the nation which may make us the most powerful nation of the world. So I request the parents to come and quench their children`s thirst for more and more knowledge.

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Karak Educators School & College

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